Candy Crush Saga for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)


Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular Smartphone game, which when launched initially topped the charts of Play store and other OS’s stores too. It is a match-three type puzzle game, developed by ‘King’.

To your surprise, the game firstly appeared for ‘Facebook’. Yeah, it is a bit unusual but it was developed as a Facebook app, however, as the users grew, the game was made available for almost all major mobile operating systems.

The game is huge, as you will go on playing it for months and falls under endless gaming category. One reason for this is that the game is frequently updated and new level is added to the game regularly.

Candy crush saga

Gameplay and Timeline:

Candy Crush Saga is a simple game, with no dedicated or as such stories are involved with the game. It starts freely without any brains involved. The gameplay is quite similar to Bejeweled, which you might have played in your childhood on 8 bit games or java phones too.

However, this game introduces you with some changes, owing to the technological changes of today. Main catch of the game is to sort 3 more candies in the same line, either horizontally or vertically. Making them arrange in such a fashion which vanishes them and frees up space acquired by them.

Game starts at a slow pace and might resemble childish and easy to play as objectives are quite simple in the initial stages.

Candy Crush Saga play


Candies, Powers and Lives:

There are large quantities of candies which you will come across in the game, as there will be a new candy every time you start a new episode. Although, what is interesting to know is, there are certain candies hidden.

Hidden in a sense that you can access them only by making certain combo moves. The candy so generated will actually be powerup or ‘Power Candy’ as it might blast or clear whole line or clear some specific candies from the screen, etc.

Cand Crush Saga Game Play for Phone iPad

By default there are 5 lives provided in the game. You lose a life when fail to complete the mission, which is only caused by timeout.

How to Play Candy Crush Saga on PC?

Candy Crush saga is available for Android, Windows Mobile and some others mobile OS too. It is not available officially for your PC.

To play it on your PC, you will need to use an Android Emulator called ‘BlueStacks’. Follow the steps below to play this amazing game on your PC:

  1. Download Bluestack using offline installer.
  2. Install the emulator.
  3. Open Bluestack and look for search option.
  4. Now, make a search for ‘Candy Crush Saga’.
  5. When found, click on the link to start downloading it.
  6. Wait a bit to let it downloaded and install on your PC.
  7. Installation succeeded!

Now navigate to My Apps section in BlueStacks and launch the game by double clicking on it!

Until level 3, all seems to be perfect; when the level is crossed you are put behind some challenging objective such as clearing the jelly. This can is represented by a thing transparent covering over the candies, where you actually need to make the pairs in those areas to remove the jelly.

It becomes quite difficult when you have to do it in a certain time period. As you proceeds to later stages, you will see these jellies getting more hardened. One such concludes of locking up the candies, and in such condition your candy cannot move free and cannot even change its position.

Although, there isn’t anything to worry about as the lives in Candy Crush saga fills up again in some hours. Still, if you are much eager to play on, there is an option of purchasing the lives.But before that you can install the game here. Please visit  to our page TheMusicCoope to know about more applications.

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