Facebook Messenger For PC (Windows 7/8/XP)


Facebook Messenger For PC is the all-time favourite socializing network that we are perpetually logged in to, whether at work or at home checking updates and loading snaps.

It lets us stay in touch with friends from childhood days and with family in far off places. You could connect with them, you could leave a message for your contact on their profile/inbox for them to read later, and what not.

Now, with the Facebook Messenger for PC, one can stay connected with our contacts all the time in a more efficient and time saving way.

facebook messenger for PC

Features Of The Facebook Messenger

There are many new features made available on Facebook Messenger, which works quite differently as compared to main Facebook site. Some of the features are listed below.

  • Instead of uploading a picture/video from a file saved on your device, you can instantly click a snap or load a video directly from the camera attached to your device, which is extremely convenient.
  • From a drop down menu within the messenger you can search for snaps relevant to the subject of discussion, which could have been time consuming and tedious if you had to switch to a search engine and save the snap and load. This is a more hassle free feature that is welcomed.
  • Voicemails have been replaced by the audio notes that can be sent just like an instant message. A voice calls from Facebook contact to other Facebook contacts are still available, and which can be done by connecting external mic on your PC.

Additionally, it lets you display your geographical location on the map, which sometimes is convenient though not very relevant considering that the messenger shows a stagnant position of a PC or a laptop unlike in case of a mobile phone. Emoticons have become a second mode of expression other than language itself and Facebook messenger on PC has incorporated them well along with stickers.

Download Facebook Messenger

But hey! Not to worry, as BlueStacks can still help you get access to this amazing time saving social network messenger to your favourite Facebook.

How To Download Facebook Messenger For PC

The installation procedure is as simple as installing BlueStacks on your device and searching for Facebook messenger on PC through it.

  • Download BlueStacks and install it on your system by clicking here!
  • Navigate to search bar located on top right corner, and search for “Facebook”.
  • Click on Install button from the search result page to get it on your PC.
  • Once done, simply go to “My Apps” section and click on the Facebook icon to open it up!

The app was initially designed for mobile platforms like Android, Windows phone, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian, thus officially not available for personal computers or laptops. Though, BlueStacks, an Android  emulator can make it available for your PC or laptop.

The installation procedure is as simple as installing BlueStacks on your device and searching for Facebook messenger on PC through it.Do comment on the page TheMusicCoope  and keep visiting!

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