FIFA 2015 for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

fifa 15

FIFA 2015 is football simulator game, developed for Android, iOS and Windows phones too. Fifa is all about having a tactical play, which is quite different from the games that are popular today.

Football fever gets tough here as you will be watching all of your favourite teams and players lined up for you. FIFA 15 or FIFA 2015 is the latest addition in the series, needless to mention that its predecessor FIFA 14 was a huge success on all of the platforms it supported.

The game is also available for Microsoft Windows officially, although as the game is stunningly built with intense graphics, it might not support your PC or may require high hardware configurations.

fifa 15

Game Features:

Game is all about having a real football experience with the real stars. Although, you cannot integrate yourself inside the game, still the experience will be relatable enough.

Basically gameplay of FIFA includes playing in career mode where you can select a team of your choice and can continue touring around the world. The will virtually never end as you will face one season after the other. Although, when your team reaches the top ranking can be considered as the completion of the game.

The game also allows you to play a single match or single season. This is way more interesting as you can choose different team each time. Besides this you can also make your own team and create players, which is quite awesome.

FIFA 15 had come up with its innovation of lining up the players into a mixed team, which can specifically be called a custom team. You can optimize and change the smallest aspect of your team whether which player to play in which position to even changing their accessories.

Credit are present in the game in form of coins which can be earned by winning matches, although if you cannot wait, you can spend some bucks to buy them. Controls are on screen at the bottom-right corner for moving and making certain actions.

How to Play FIFA 15 on PC?

FIFA 15 is a mobile game available for all leading mobile OS including Android and others too. Football is a big addiction as people go really crazy to watch football season, same is the case with the FIFA game.

The game is also available for PC officially but as described earlier due to some compatibility issues all users cannot enjoy the official release of the game on to their PC’s.

In case you are one of those people, you need not to worry as you can opt to play mobile version of the game on your PC. The mobile version is quite similar to its PC version except the fact that it is developed for smart phones. To run it on your PC you will need to proceed as:

  1. Download and install Android emulator for your PC. Bluestack is the most popular Android emulator.
  2. Once installed, look for the search bar and make a search for ‘Fifa 15’ using the same.
  3. A list of all related results will now be displayed.
  4. Look for the official game and click on it to download the same on your PC.
  5. Now, wait a bit as it might take a bit to let the game download and install itself.

You will be alerted by a notification upon successful completion of the game. Once done, buckle yourself up to shoot the ball in goal post!

When FIFA 2015 played on mobile platforms like Android and iOS, FIFA 15 is equally interesting although the screen becomes a bit smaller.

In case the official version of the game is incompatible with your PC and you still want to play this spectacular game on your PC from our page TheMusicCoope, it can be easily done. You will just need to follow some simple steps mentioned above  to get the game on your computer.

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