Pet Rescue Saga for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Pet Rescue

Are you a puzzle game lover? If yes, then here is Pet Rescue Saga  classy puzzle game from King’s Interactive. In case you are not a puzzle game addict then also, this game is one that you should try your hands on.

Pet Rescue Saga can be considered as the latest entry in the SAGA series from the developer, containing Candy Crush Saga, Soltaire Saga, etc.

Pet Rescue Saga is match three type puzzle game, in which you will be required to match three diamond to score or to vanish the respective boxes. Well, this was the same concept with Candy Crush Saga too, and guess what? To make it a bit different there are some interesting stuffs added to the gameplay making it unique.

Pet Rescue

A Twist in the Previous Concept!

King softwares always finds a way to make their old concept all new for the gamers. Same is the case with Pet Rescue Saga. Here the catch is same, as you will need to sort at least 3 similar gems to make a pair and consequently blow them off.

The interface is all new as you can see much more improvised graphics and a grid made crystal clear. The twist here can be seen at the left side of the grid, which corresponds to a filling meter.

You need to fill this meter to get some thing extra out of the same old play, and to fill it make, combo moves, sort similar gems as much as possible, and hell lots of other plots that can be used. When the meter fills up, you can clear an entire row or column or the whole screen.

Levels, Unlockables And The Store!

There are levels, actually of a large quantity, though not as large as that of Candy Crush Saga. To cross or complete a specific level, you will need to complete the respective objective.

These objective are level specific, that is they will vary from level to level. For instance in some level you will be given to clear the entire grid, whereas in some other will only required to clear some specific locations of the grid.

The ultimate objective in the game is to save the pet, which you can see resting at the top of the grid. This can be done by just vanishing the blocks beneath it.

Pet rescue saga for pc

How to Play Pet Rescue Saga on PC?

Pet Rescue Saga is a mobile game available for Android and some other mobile OS too. To play it on your PC you will need to follow some simple steps as below:

  1. Download Bluestacks App Player for your windows PC. You can get it here!
  2. Install the player using the package downloaded above.
  3. Open the installed app player and look for a search bar.
  4. Make a quick search for ‘Pet Rescue Saga’ using the same bar.
  5. A list of results will be displayed, now click on the respective link and downlaod the game on your PC.
  6. To confirm installation is successful or not, wait for a notification.

Once all this is done, simply go to “My Apps” section of App Player and launch the game and start playing!

Same old store will follow you from candy crush saga, which you can use to buy powers, upgrades and lives too.

There are 5 lives given initially, when the game starts. Although, these lives are dynamic as they will refill themselves automatically in some hours. However, this doesn’t mean that not playing a month will give you 1 crore lives, as lives will refill upto 5th level only. So download the Pet Rescue Saga on PC and start playing it. Do not forget to comment on our page TheMusicCoope !

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