Rail Rush For PC (Windows 7/8/XP


Rail Rush for PC is a smartphone game and is available for almost all smartphones running on mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows Mobile and iOS.

The game was firstly made to play for the iOS users, although later it was launched for other major mobile platforms including Android and windows mobile OS.

The game is quite similar to the most popular runner games of all times viz Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Rails Rush as per the name suggest is based on the main theme of ‘Railways’, in essence this doesn’t resemble the railways that we travel in. Instead, this has been setup in the mines and thus ‘Rush’ is accompanied with the Rail, to define it more effectively.

Rail Rush

Game at a Glance!

Rail Rush is one of the many endless runner games that you might have played before. Practically, when you observe the play store as a whole, you might find a billion game that exactly copies the same environment and the runners too.

This is not the case with this game, ‘Rail Rush’ as it offers you a totally new experience on the endless runner type of games. Candidly, the game is not a cup of tea as you will actually see yourself dancing on your toes to get the cart moving as per your wish.

The game starts in an old mine, where you are left with a cart to find Gold, Gems and other precious stuffs. However, they will not earn you anything in return.


Game Features and Compatibility:

Rail Rush has full variety of levels depending upon the environment and the location you are in. You will need some years though to complete all the levels as they will virtually never be ending.

When playing any level you will be presented three lanes made of rails, and as you start moving, you can certainly figure out the catch of the game which is to jump through obstacles, bend using g-sensor, crouch and shift to nearby lanes with a slide off screen.

This is quite happening and seems to be a collective version of both temple run and subway surfers.

rail rush for PC

There are some good features including changeable carts and particularly cart equipments, which are just a cherry on the cake.

Rail Rush looks extraordinarily good when talking about its graphics, which are just superfluous and are made in close proximity of the mine environment. Sounds are quite cool too, as the effects are just in conjunction with the sounds.

How to Play Rail Rush on PC?

As already discussed, rail rush is a mobile game. The game is not officially available for computer, but still you can have this game on your PC using BlueStacks.

BlueStacks is an android emulator that works pretty fine and do not require you to code as in using some sort of IDE’s like eclipse. Here is all you need to do to run this game on your PC:

  1. Firstly, download the emulator from here!
  2. Install the Bluestacks and open the same.
  3. Now that you have opened it, observe search bar at the top right corner.
  4. Using the search bar make a search for the game ‘Rail Rush’.
  5. The game will now install, so wait a bit.
  6. You will get notification when game is installated, there after you can start enjoying this game on your PC.

The main aim of the Play Rail Rush for PC game is to reach as farthest as possible, collecting the gold. There are objective that you will need to complete to move to upper levels in the game and to earn some extra bucks first you have to download the Play Rail Rush.Just give your reviews in the comment section provided below on our page TheMusicCoope !

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