Snapchat for PC Download available on Windows Computer


Messenger applications are becoming more and more popular now-a-days. This is practically due to people, getting more busy in their professional life and switching on to socialize instantly on their smart phones. Although, addiction to such applications is a dangerous thing to have.

Anyways talking about Snapchat, it is one of those million apps available freely on play store. There are many companion apps such as Whatsapp, telegram, Kik, etc that you might have already tried your hands on. Now, if you are on a search to find some more instant messaging apps, then you can consider Snapchat for a whole new concept of messaging.


Basic Features:

As per the messaging apps criteria Snapchat allows its users to send messages to your friends only requirement is to get yourself registered with the network and a working internet connection.

The main features that the app expels are text messaging, voice notes, smiles and emoticons, image sharing, video sharing etc. Well, these were the features that you could found in any of the messengers; here is what you might have been missing from such a long time.


What’s the Twist?

Here is the main feature of the app, making it a way unique that all of the other messenger applications. Normally, in all other apps the messages sent or received and permanently stored for lifetime onto the users device or on application provider servers.

In case of SnapChat these messages carry validity or specifically a timing sequence; after this time is expired the message will automatically deleted from the sender’s as well as receiver’s device. Well, this was something new in the same concept and was the reason for the popularity of the app.

snapchat for PC

What Else?

Snapchat is available for mobile devices only; you can have it on your android, windows or iOS device. Officially, there are no versions of it for computers or OS that power computers.

Still, in case you are eagerly waiting to have this app on your PC, then it is possible. For this we have to employ an emulator which can be an android emulator, windows mobile emulator or ios emulator.

snapchat doenload

How to run Snapchat on PC?

As already discussed earlier that Snapchat is available for android and some other OS prevalently in use. The app is not been officially developed by its developers to run on your computers.

Thus to run the app on your PC, you will need to incorporate some special methods such as use of an android emulator or any other emulator such as for iOS. In that case, android emulator Bluestacks works superb and is by far the best for the cause.

To install and run Snapchat on your PC, you will now need to follow some simple steps as under:

  • Get Bluestacks on your PC. Download it here.
  • Now open the package and install the application on your computer.
  • Once the installation is successful, open the emulator and search for ‘Snapchat’ using the search option in the app.
  • When found, click on the link to download. When download completes it will automatically install itself.

You can now open the Snapchat from my apps section of the Bluestacks and start enjoying this spectacular app on your PC. To download application visit our page The MusicCoope and enjoy the application.

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